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Community Development

Park View Specific Plan

PROJECT TITLE:    Baseline Road Master Plan Environmental Impact Report

PROJECT LOCATION:       North side of 16th Street (Baseline Road) between the I-210 freeway on the west and Benson Avenue on the east.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION:  The proposed project is the development of a Master Plan for several parcels comprising approximately 99 acres of currently undeveloped land on the north side of 16th Street (within the City of Upland Baseline Road is identified as 16th Street). The proposed project consists of 10‑acres of retail, with up to 100,000-square feet of commercial building area; 32‑acres of residential land uses, containing densities of 10 to 20 units to the acre (up to 400 housing units); and 57-acres, located immediately north of the residential and commercial portion, for a city park, flood control facilities and spreading grounds. (Ref: EAR-1460, SP-07-10)

Lead Agency:
City of Upland, Community Development Department

Lead Agency Contact Person:
Rosalie Staudenmayer 
Senior Planner
Telephone Number: (909) 931-4142

Address where document may be reviewed:
City of Upland
Community Development Department
460 North Euclid Avenue
Upland, California 91768                                                                         

Upland Public Library
460 North Euclid Avenue
Upland, California 91768


City of Upland Website: 

Public Review Period: Begins: December 5, 2007       Ends:   January 23, 2008

Anyone interested in this matter is invited to comment on the document by written response addressed to the Lead Agency/Contact Person identified above. Comments must be received within the public review period (45 day period) identified above.

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