Tuesday, June 30

The Upland Fire Department


Volunteer Program

In August of 1999, the Upland Fire Department inaugurated its Volunteers in the Fire Service program. This program is designed to provide interested citizens with an opportunity to assist the Fire Department and enrich the community we serve.

The Volunteers in the Fire Service program is intended to draw upon the experience and knowledge of the involved citizen. It is recognized that the skills and abilities possessed by our citizens constitute a tremendous community resource. This Program will allow for the provision of quality service to the citizenry and to aid regularly employed Fire Department personnel in maintaining and improving the quality of life for the citizens of Upland.

The Upland Fire Department is fortunate to have three volunteers currently on staff. They are making a valuable contribution to the Department in areas of information management, inspection, and operational support.

We warmly extend our respect and gratitude to our volunteers.

If you have any questions or desire information about the Upland Fire Departmentís Volunteer Program, please contact us at (909) 931-4180.