Monday, July 6

The Upland Fire Department


Paramedic Program

Our firefighter/paramedics have specialized training in auto extrication, swift water rescue, high angle rescue, trench rescue, hazardous materials mitigation, technical rescue, and all aspects of fire prevention and suppression delivery. Firefighter/paramedics are able to deliver immediate care in all given situations. This dual training exemplifies the value of fire department delivery over private ambulance paramedics. Additionally, all remaining fire suppression personnel are trained to the level of Emergency Medical Technician 1 to assist the firefighter/paramedics. Firefighter/paramedics currently respond from all stations providing the most comprehensive coverage and medical care available to our city.

This is a multi-faceted program which includes:

- Delivery of the highest advanced medical standard of emergency care at the Firefighter/Paramedic level.
Public education training programs as follows:
- Babysitter emergencies.
- First Aid.
- Mentor program.
- Career counseling.
- Blood pressure clinics.
- Specialized rescue capabilities.
- Coordination of medical response delivery with Upland Unified School District.
- Evaluation of new medications and procedures for County-wide use.
- Coordination with medical community for emergency service triaging and delivery during disaster situations.
- Ongoing certification and training programs, both in-house and to other City departments.
- Coordination and delivery of state mandated blood borne pathogen program for Fire department.
- Coordination and delivery of training requirements for all suppression personnel in Emergency Medical Technician 1.
- Coordinates County-mandated Quality Improvement program.
- All fire suppression responsibilities.
Fire Prevention responsibilities.