Saturday, July 4

The Upland Fire Department

Plan Check Review

Fire Plan Check and Inspection Services

The Fire Prevention Department provides comprehensive fire plan check and inspection services. These services apply to both new construction and existing occupancies throughout the City of Upland.

Fire Plan Check

Plans are reviewed for compliance with the applicable fire and life safety regulations, codes, and ordinances.

Fire plan check requires at least two sets of plans for each project submitted. All plans (with the exception of Fire Sprinkler, Fire Alarm, Spray Booth, and Hood Suppression systems) are accepted at the City Building Department.

Fire Sprinkler, Fire Alarm, Spray Booth, and Hood Suppression system plans (at least two sets) are to be submitted directly to the Fire Administration Office.

A plan check application can be found under Fire Department Development Services.

Fees are required upon submittal for all plans.

Water Supply Information

The Fire Prevention Division works closely with the City Water Division. The Water Division maintains all water model information related to public fire hydrants. The Fire Department assists with field hydrant flow testing, as necessary.