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The Upland Fire Department


Hazardous Materials Team

Hazardous Materials Team

The Upland Fire Department has a Hazardous Materials Response Team consisting of six specially trained firefighters who mitigate the effects of a hazardous materials spill or incident.

These Specialists work through a Joint Powers Authority with six surrounding agencies consolidating efforts for major or multiple incidents. The cooperative agencies are Upland Fire Department, Rancho Cucamonga Fire Department, Montclair Fire Department, Chino Valley Fire Protection District, Ontario Fire Department, and the Ontario Airport Fire Department.

Members of the Upland Fire Department Hazardous Materials Response Team are required to successfully complete six weeks of concentrated hazardous materials training and certify through the State of California as a “Hazardous Materials Specialist” before they can respond on the team.

This specialized training includes subject areas relating to chemistry, hazard and risk assessment, incident safety considerations, management and mitigation techniques, personal protective equipment, atmospheric monitoring, and technical / advanced field operations. Team members are required to pass an annual physical examination in order to wear protective breathing apparatus and make entry into hazardous atmospheres.

The Upland Fire Department Hazardous Materials Response Team prides itself in its ability to protect the citizens of Upland and its environment from the effects of hazardous materials releases.