Wednesday, July 1

Upland Police Department


A History of Service

You have had 4 brave dogs in the history of the Upland Police Department. Your retired canine partners were Alf, Axel, Bob and Roy. Alf served our community for 28 "dog years," Axel served for 49 "dog years," Bob served our community proudly for 56 “dog years,” and Roy served for 28 “dog years.”  The latest canine to have served you was Bono. Bono retired a few years ago and the Upland Police Department currently does not have a canine. 

Canines assist in felony arrests of violent offenders and narcotic detection.  Canines and their handlers are on call 24 hours a day when they are not on duty.  During off-duty hours the canine lives with his handler, Officer Scott Long and his family.  Canines add to the safety of your community and your officers.  Additionally, they save countless man hours searching for suspects. 


The Upland Police Department currently does not have a canine.