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Integrated Waste
Residential Service

Residential Service consists of once weekly automated refuse (black barrel), recyclables (blue barrel) and green waste (green barrel) collection in the City of Upland by Burrtec Waste Industries, Inc.

Barrels should be set out the night before or no later than 6:00 a.m. on collection day, either in street with wheels against curb, or if alley service, in alley away from any structures. Return barrels out of sight by the night that they are emptied.

Residential Trash Collection Service Days Map

Res. 6230: View PDF

Black Barrel - Refuse/Trash

Refuse rates are based on the size of the refuse container only. Residents may choose from the following sizes, and if necessary, may request additional refuse barrels at the following rates:

Monthly Residential Service

Barrel Size

Monthly Rate
(effective 7-1-2014)

Special Refuse Barrel (for small storage areas, if smaller capacity required, or senior rate)

35 gallon



Standard Refuse Barrel

65 gallon



Special Refuse Barrel (if larger capacity required)

95 gallon



Additional Refuse Barrel

35 gallon



Additional Refuse Barrel

65 gallon



Additional Refuse Barrel

95 gallon




Blue Barrel - Commingled Recycling

The City of Upland is dedicated to maintaining its goal of 50% diversion of its wastes through its recycling program. About half of the waste that is generated in the home is recyclable: paper/cardboard products, and plastic, metal and glass food and beverage containers. Place these commingled recyclables in the blue barrel. Recycling also minimizes the need for additional refuse barrels. Should you require additional recycling capacity, extra recycling barrels are available at no additional charge. Please see the "Recycling" link for a list of recyclable materials.

Green Barrel - Green Waste

Since green waste constitutes about a fifth of the waste stream, utilization of the green waste recycling program is also key to reaching our goal of landfill diversion. Also, grasscycling when mowing your lawn (letting your clippings fall back into the lawn to decompose), is a diversion measure, and it returns nutrients to your lawn and increases moisture retention.

Utilize your green waste barrel, and when extra capacity is needed, self-supplied 32-gallon trash cans may also be used. You may also use clear plastic bags. Also, extra tree trimmings may be placed near barrels in tied bundles no larger than 4ft in length and 2ft in diameter, and less than 65 pounds. Should you require continual additional green waste recycling capacity, extra green waste barrels are available through Burrtec Waste at no additional charge.

Acceptable green waste for your green barrel is as follows: grass clippings, tree trimmings, shrub trimmings, prunings, plants, leaves, brush, weeds, twigs and small branches. Plants, such as Palm fronds and Bird of Paradise are now accepted.

Non-Acceptable green waste includes animal waste, food waste, cactus, dirt, rock, and concrete.

Temporary Services

Also, if you have a home demolition, clean-up or yard clearing project, you may order a temporary bin, a demo box or roll-off service. Keep contents separated and uncontaminated for recycling.

Additionally, your residential collection service gives you many free services, such as:

  • Bulky-Item Pickup Service – residents with barrel service may schedule this free service four times in a calendar year
  • Missing or damaged barrel replacement, free of charge
  • Christmas tree curbside pick-up service available the first two weeks of the New Year (flocked trees are now accepted)
  • Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) collection
  • Free motor oil and filter containers for recycling transport
  • Free mulch giveaway (last Saturdays of HHW)
  • 24-hour Refuse and Recycling Recording – 931-4343
  • Waste Watcher newsletter (mailed quarterly with utility bill and at online bill payment site)

Please see link for details:  Residential Service Issue Contacts