Wednesday, April 16

Living in Upland

Chili & Cornbread

Nothing welcomes in the cooler weather than a nice bowl of Chili and a side of corn bread. Watch as the Gibson Staff unconventionally prepares this tasty meal in to an even tastier casserole. One that will surely knock your socks off! Tickets will be available Monday, September 24.

$4.00 per person or bring a salad, vegetable, dessert, etc., to share with at least 6-8 other people. We encourage people to bring side dishes in order to keep our potluck a “true potluck”. If you bring a dish, you may take your seat in the dining room at 3:30 pm. The main dish will be provided. Please join us for these enjoyable events. Please note that tickets are required for each potluck and may be obtained one month prior to each event.

Start Date: Tuesday, 10/23/2012

Days: Tuesday

Time: 4:00-5:00 p.m.

Number of Classes:




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